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This website use Cookies to simplify and make more efficient their own services for users viewing pages. Those viewing the website, will see minimum informations's amount on used devices, either personal computer and mobile devices. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the temporary files folder of your Internet browser. There are various types of cookie, some to make the use of the website more efficient, some others to enable certain functions. Our cookies allows to: memorize preferences "save" activities such as username and password, thereby avoiding the need to re-enter every time same informations; analyze services and contents provided by ESPOSITORIPERFARMACIA.IT to optimizing surfer experience and services offered.

Following cookies types are used by our site according with the purposes of intended use.

Technical Cookies are divided into session cookies and persistent cookies.
- Persistent: used to store information that is used between one access to the website and another or used for technical purposes and to improve navigation on the website. Such data allows websites to recognise that you are a known user or returning visitor and adapt accordingly. The duration of Persistent cookies is set by the website and can vary from a few minutes to several years. They are therefore stored until they expire or are deleted.
- Sessions: contain the information used in your current browser session.
These cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. Nothing is stored on your computer after the period you use the website. These cookies, always sent by our dominion, are necessary to correctly visualize the site and strictly connect to technical services provided. They will come, therefore always used and sented, unless users don't modify preferences in their own browser (lacking in visualization of the pages).

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